Wiki Research Project

A Wiki is an editable web page that you can create, some pages are open to the public and free to be edited by anyone, while others are only open to registered users to edit or view. You may be asked to create a page as a part of a group or individually. You are probably very familiar with one particular Wiki, Wikipeda. Wikipedea is one of the most popular public Wiki’s created. It is a free online encyclopedia that is open to the public and editable by anybody.

In this assignment you will research one of the topics or themes listed below from the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.” You will create a wiki webpage based on your research with a minimum of 800 words (that is about 4-5 paragraphs if you were writing an essay.) You will also include a minimum of 3 credible internet sources in a Works Cited page. You will also include photographs and links to external WebPages. We will review how to access your Wiki page in our Live Learning class on Friday July 11th. A copy of this Ilinc will be saved in File Sharing under the Key Word “Wiki Research.”

Your final Wiki page must include:
  1. A Works Cited “page” section in MLA format with a minimum of three credible sources.
  2. A minimum of three photographs or illustrations (these must also be cited, but do not count for citations in your Works Cited page)
  3. A minimum of three links (hyperlinks) to external WebPages (these may be links to the sites you used for your research)
  4. A minimum of 800 words.

You may choose from the following Topics:
  1. Jim Crow Laws
  2. The Great Depression
  3. The Public Works Administration (P.W.A)
  4. “The Scottsboro Boys” Trials
  5. “The New Deal”
  6. Harper Lee

Check out how you will be gradedWiki Rubric.doc.